We have a RED Epic Dragon + Ronin complete kit available for rent in Havana, Cuba.

$300 / day for base camera package + lens mounts and media

RED Cameras
RED EPIC-M Dragon base package[/COLOR
RED EPIC-M Dragon 6K
Red Touchscreen LCD 5.0"
Red LCD cable right-to-straight 18"
DSMC Canon Mount - Aluminum
DSMC Side Handle
WC Quick Back 2.0
WC V-Mount battery plate
WC Easy Top Plate
RedVolt Travel Charger
4x RedVolt Battery + case
DSMC AC Power Adapter
RED camera case

Lens Mounts
RED DSMC PL Mount 2.0 - Magnesium
RED DSMC Canon Mount - Aluminum

(1) RED Mini-Mag 512GB
(1) RED Mini-Mag 480GB
RED Station Mini-Mag reader

Batteries & Chargers
(5) RED Brick 153WH
Switronix XC-4LSRED Quad Fast Charger
Swit V-Mount Travel charger
(3) RedVolt-V[/COLOR]

Mounting Plates & Handles
NATO Rail 75mm
NATO Rail 100mm
RED Arm 5"
RED Arm 9"

Wireless Monitors/Recorders
Video Devices PIX-E7
SpeedDrive 500GB
Sun Hood
(4) NP batteries + charger

Paralinx Tritan 1:1 wireless HDMI transmitter + receiver
D-Tap to USB regulator

Follow Focus
Tilta Nucleus Nano
(2) 15mm Rods
(2) batteries

Ready Rig GS + Pro-Ring
Ready Rig GS

CineMilled PRO-Ring Handlebar System
CineMilled PRO-Ring Ronin Mount
CineMilled Quick Plate "Universal Ronin Mount"
(2) MoVI Spindle Mount (30mm)
(2) Delrin Shim (2")

3-Axis Gimbals
DJI Ronin
DJI Ronin with 50mm Arm Extensions
(2) DJI Ronin Handle Grips + Top Handlebar
(3) DJI Ronin Battery 3400mAh
(1) DJI Ronin Battery charger
DJI Ronin Monitor Mounting Bracket A + NATO Rail 50mm
Wooden Camera D-Tap to Epic/Scarlet/Weapon (Straight)
Wooden Camera D-Tap to Epic/Scarlet/Weapon (Right-Angle)
RED V-Mount Battery Plate with D-Tap + DJI Mounting Bracket A
Brushless Gimbals SuperThin 36" Cable for RED TOUCH LCD
CineMilled Quick Switch Plate

DJI Ronin Transmitter
DJI Ronin Transmitter
Secraft TX-Tray for Phantom
Secraft FPV Monitor Mount
Secraft Transmitter Tray Double Neck Strap Shoulder Harness BLACK V2

Bright Tangerine Misfit Matte Box
Misfit 4x5.65" 2-stage Clamp-On Matte Box B1230.0009
(2) 4 x 5.65" Horizontal trays B1251.1010
143mm Clamp Attachment
15mm Lightweight Rod Bracket B1210.1007
143mm Black Hole Donut B1250.1069
Carbon Fibre Top Flag with Dual Variable Side Wings B1210.1015

4" x 5.65" Formatt HD ND 1.5
4" x 5.65" Formatt Circular Polarizer
138mm Round Circular Polarizer

Tripods & Baseplates
Manfrotto 509HD head
Manfrotto 545B tripod

Audio & Microphones
DPA 4071 Omnidirectional lav kit
Olympus ME52W Omnidirectional microphone

PM or email if interested - curran- -at- -solarsystemstudio.com