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  1. #1 After 8pm - Helium, Low-Light OLPF, and Zeiss CP.2 
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    A couple weeks ago the wife and kids were out of town a few days and I made it a point to be out after 8pm. That's a freakin' double rainbow covered in unicorns around here so I lined up a shoot with an absolute BEAST of a dancer I met through Instagram named Emmett Prince. He's a dance student at the University of Central Oklahoma and was up to shoot around downtown Oklahoma City after dark with a couple complete strangers.

    There's a full breakdown with still frames and behind the scenes stuff up on my blog if you're into that sort of thing.
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    This looks awesome!! Incredible job!
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    really nice work, inspiring
    Curtis Boggs

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    Yess. Really enjoyed it mate!
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