Thread: Traveling via Airplane with Cameras, first time question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximilian Schmige View Post
    They took it away from your carry-on bag at security check? Which airline and what airport?

    I have heard of people having had their batteries confiscated from their checked luggage. Never heard of from carry-on.
    Jupp, from the carry on.. It was the security check at Heathrow (was going to South america)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathias Erichsen View Post
    Jupp, from the carry on.. It was the security check at Heathrow (was going to South america)
    Oh wow. Sorry to hear. I have flown via Heathrow with no issues. UK allows travel of batteries below 160wh.
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    oh hey update, all went well with the think tank commuter and I also got the side bag, put my support in basic checked luggage taken apart, worked perfect, thanks to all!

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    When I check my Pelicans I always put them in a heavy duty trash bag then tape it up. Over the years I have a recorded this data:
    TSA going through my shit rate:
    Plain Pelicans: 90%
    Black Trash Bag Wrap: 20%

    TSA watches too many movies where the bomb is always in a real cool looking black case . . . like a Pelican. It is interesting to see how suggestible these trained professionals are. If it looks like shit - it can't be dangerous. Ha!

    Also keeps the thieves in baggage handling out of my shit. Same goons as TSA - "it looks like personal junk in a garbage bag . . . so nothing to steal in there". Same for Customs. So much of travel is how things look. Peli's attract way too much attention throughout the travel process.

    That said, I don't really use Peli's much since they weigh too much and are a hassle to deal with once empty. I like soft cases that are built for the task and use wraps etc to protect stuff. All the lenses, brains etc are carry on. Get your Media credentials sorted before you travel again, it allows pretty much unlimited carry on. Then get your Global Entry and TSA Pre done. Then buy tickets with boarding priority. Done and done

    Bonus Tip:
    Golf bags for tripods and light stands. No one steals golf clubs and the bag does not scream $$$
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