Hi, this is a strange issue, and I have done my best searching whether a thread already exists for it, but haven't found anything.

To clear any suspicions that I am Newb with 101 misunderstandings, I have used RedCineX for many years without this issue, but on my new system it is a constant whoopsie.
(Machine: Macbook pro 15" 2017, mac OS 10.13.5 high Sierra, Red CineX 50.3.45118. Sonnet eGPU box plugged in via TB3 with Radeon RX580 graphics card. Second Sonnet box plugged in via TB3 with Rocket X card. 40" 4k Dell Screen via HyperDrive adaptor box's HDMI port.)

So, in brief, the little orange indicator dots that dance around in the RGB parade as you mouseover your image: they seem to be moving INVERSELY to where they should be, on the scopes.
When I move my mouse right, they bugger off to the left, and vice versa.

Is there a simple fix for this, and am I being thick?
A DIT friend has suggested the problem could be at the CAMERA side rather than the RedCine settings. We are using one Weapon Helium and one Epic-W Helium currently.

Any help welcome please!