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  1. #1 DSCM Repair & Trade in Dead Line. 
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    After have asked RED service about:

    1. how long DSCM cameras will have repair service.
    2. How long the possibility of trade in/upgrade into DSCM2 bodies/sensors will last.

    The answer was:

    "Thank you for contacting RED Digital Cinema! Unfortunately, we are only accepting these board upgrades and trade-ins through July 2018. We will continue to service the older camera's until we have run out of parts. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach back out to us."

    Then I try to re-confirm that information, and I got:

    "after July 2018 we will not be offering board upgrades and trade-ins for DSMC to DSMC2. There has been no notification on if we will be extending this offer. I have CC'd your Sales Rep Leo Li as he is in charge of sales for this area if you would like to discuss further about Trade-In and Upgrade options"

    So my concern is about how long those parts will last and so, the repair service, is it really not worthy to buy a DSCM camera anymore? and for those who just did in the last 3 years, how would that be fair, if parts run out in let's say 1-2 years time? having in consideration that Mysterium X service lasted until 2017, should that be a point of reference? What anyone think about this?
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    Use the camera as long as you can. I’m sure by the time you need parts that aren’t available, it’s probably a good time to move to some newer tech.

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