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  1. #1 Top LCD Glitching Screen at 60hz only? 
    I've been using my Raven and 7inch touch screen flawlessly for over a year now. Recently, my top LCD has given me an unresponsive glitchy screen when it is at 60 hz. When I change to 30 hz it works ok with a little flicker. The Side LCD port works fine at 60hz and 30hz when I connect the same screen there. But when plugged into the top LCD port, 60 hz does not work.

    (Seen at in 0:43 video) If I am at 30hz on top lcd, and switch to 60hz, it shows me a flickering menu screen that is unresponsive.

    (Seen at 1:11 in video) If I am at 60hz on top lcd, and I turn on the camera, or disconnect than reconnect the top lcd, it gives me a white noise, glitchy, flickering, unresponsive screen.

    This was happening to me on my previous firmware 6.4.17. I upgraded today to firmware 7.0.3 to see f it would fix my issue and it has not.

    Any advice on how to fix this? I have not had any damage to the camera that I am aware of. However, I have been shooting in extremely humid conditions in the atlanta weather these past few weeks.
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    I have no idea why that is happening, but I would certainly contact and send a log to RED.

    I has to be firmware issues right? If there was poor/issues with contact it would play up in any setting.
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    There are known issues with the 7" touch including this one. No fix available last I checked
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    Quote Originally Posted by jake southard View Post
    There are known issues with the 7" touch including this one. No fix available last I checked
    i have the same issues with a 4.7"
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