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    Hi can someone please help. Is there a way to hard reset my Scarlet X.
    My HDMI port is damaged and I only have SDI. I was trying to record to my atomos inferno and ended up turning off the overlays of the red menu. Now I can see nothing. I have no EVF nor a RED monitor. How do I get my overlays back so I can navigate the red menus?

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    You can do a hard reset by holding the power button down for 20 seconds while powering-up (you can let go once the fans go full speed). This will restore everything to the factory default settings.
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    thanks...but I still can't see anything coming through the SDI. How can I get it to come through SDI? Does it come via hdmi by default?
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    Okay I have the image coming through the SDI, but there's no menu overlays. So I'm still kind of stuck. I'm getting a clean feed. How can I turn my overlays back on?
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    Can someone please help me...if you have a side handle...(which is the only thing I have). Can you tell me what to click and how many times and how to scroll to get my overlays back. I'm operating blindly here I'll need exact clicks from the time I turn on Red Scarlet x
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    Okay...good news update. on the Red website there's a DSMC toolkit. it has an enable menu preset file. You create a force_preset file and put it on your redmag via computer...when you put redmag in the camera it will install the file, then delete the folder...fairly straightforward process.
    Thanks RED...I appreciate this...saved my neck.
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