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    No metal-to-metal flush joint is 100 percent perfect and water has an uncanny way of wicking in through tight spaces to stay there and do its harm. By necessity you have to leave the fan and airducts relatively free of obstruction.

    My personal preference is to bag a camera as much as I can to avoid splashes or spray/fine sand drift landing on it in the first place. If you want to be really obsessive you could tape the front of the bag to the rim of the lens and tape a food grade plastic glove into a hole in the bag for focusing, running and stopping the camera etc.

    The challenge is finding the best compromise between ease of operating and protecting your asset and how much your asset's repair/write-off value factors into the total cost of the project if it is also your own.

    I certainly do not subscribe to the notion of going full gung-ho and letting the camera take its chances. It disrespects the time, craft and effort of those who put it together.

    That is also a bit like the fox on the highway confronting every speeding truck with its hackles up and its teeth bared, one of those not if but when things. Maybe the truck will pass over a few times but sooner or later a wandering wheel set will do the job.
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    Do you have any ideas for rain cover which is the best? Of course as a salt water protection.
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