For the record the endless upgrades were never supposed to even be a business concept. Back in the day as a newbie I suggested during the M to MX upgrade that red should do this forever, it's green, it helps owner ops, etc. Jim actually was not into the idea and thought it wouldn't work out economically and I said oh well but then red managed to run with it somehow which really helped owner ops.

I think where it got tough for me was the CF weapon monstro upgrade cuz that one was crazy expensive and red I get never knows how to monetize the upgrades so they had to price it like that. But in reality epic w helium would of been a much better choice for my finances had I known this would come out one day but I get that red didnt know it back then. I actually just downgraded from monstro by trading it for a epic w helium which really broke my heart but was ultimately a solid business decision given my current market.

I like the upgrade program but I wish I knew when better deals were coming for good enough solutions. It's not that I'm selfish or angry at red at all, I just wish I had maybe done things a bit differently ATM. I'm hoping to get a Gemini sensor soon since that will serve my needs best.

Ps Alexa mini rents well vs my other arris. I wish they had upgrade paths to minis or LFs. They do have an arri trade in program now but none of my older ones qualified I was told. Arris are nice cuz they don't require constant upgrade costs like red. I like both though image wise and I wish I had bought more Alexa minis