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    Hello there

    looking for upgrade my ScarletMX but cant find solid proof that the Raven is really step forward - looking mostly for better low light with high framerates (50,100,120) and keep r3d format.

    So will you go for Raven or Red Epic Dragon will be better choice?

    Scarlet-W is slightly out of my budget now as iam using sony a7s and a6300 for weddings and main Red for music videos and commercials (as Scarlet is heavy as ****).
    I want to stick with RED so far once i hopped to this train :)

    Thanks a lot for any opinions.
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    For low-light at 50-120 fps, I would choose RAVEN over EPIC DRAGON. Helium is a major step up from DRAGON in the low-light department (at least on stop less noise, much less blue/red noise in exchange for a little extra work to deal with greens). For overall great 6K performance with lots of light, as well as better respect for the larger image circle of my lenses, I would pick EPIC DRAGON with STH OLPF over RAVEN. But for the narrow parameters you have defined, RAVEN > EPIC DRAGON.
    Michael Tiemann, Chapel Hill NC

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