Selling the following items as a kit. It's never been used on the field, only set up once to make sure it worked on my C300mkii. The LCS-LBUS cable allows you to use Arri Cforce motors on ANY camera system and save lens profiles to the SD card etc. For example, if you already own cforce motors, you won't need to get a second set for your movi pro setup with this. All together, new this would be $7,390. Selling for $6,500 OBO. It's just like new.

ARRI UMC-4 Universal Motor Controller
Abelcine lists at $6,560

ARRI UMC-4 to LANC Run/Stop Cable
Abelcine lists at $300

ARRI Cable LCS to LBUS - 2.6'
Abelcine lists at $230

ARRI D-Tap to Fischer 3-Pin Power Cable - 1.6'
Abelcine lists at $200

ARRI 5-Pin LEMO to 5-Pin LEMO Timecode IN/OUT Cable - 1.6'
Abelcine lists at $100