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    Dear RED, Please continue to devote coding resources to the RR-X PCIe card. It's ability to free up CPU resources for other tasks still has value. Thank you for your consideration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Lindsay View Post
    RED's initial greatest asset 'Redcode' is still going strong but due to unfortunately only modest increase in CPU (but massive bandwidth and GPU advances) over the last 10years it is not the asset I suspect Red had hoped for...

    My hope is that Red are (behind the scenes) spending serious development resources on improvements to r3d decoding speeds to make r3ds the wonder feature it was..
    Over the last 10 years you might be right but the last 2 years cpu speed has increased dramatically.

    Q2 2016 intel i7-6950x 10 core (CB R15 MC 1792 points) $ 1700 vs. Q3 2018 AMD TR2 32 core (CB R15 MC 6200 points) $ 1700 vs. Q2 2018 AMD R7 2700x (CB R15 MC 1817 points) $ 330

    That is 3,5 times more speed in a bit more than 2 years for around the same price, or the same speed for 1/5 th of the price.

    The new TR2 should be able to handle any R3D upto 8k in realtime or faster.

    8k.R3D is great as it is.
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    Thankyou for chiming in on this.

    In further testing, I have found:
    +) Resolve is about 5% slower processing IPP2 over LEGACY (8K VV footage : Debayer Quality=Half Res Good)
    +) Resolve Half_Res_Good with an RRX is considerably faster on a TRASHCAN. 24fps playback with vs 7fps without.

    Based on this - I agree with your view that the RRX is still doing the heavy lifting - and that the debayer is not the most costly part of processing (at Half Res Good).

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Lindsay View Post
    <snip> RRX is currently happy with the really hard part of a r3d decode (the de-wavelet).

    It seems that RESOLVE has some problems with certain IPP2 clips (I had not noticed this with LEGACY).

    When it struggles - the frame rate drops in Playback. In Delivery - those slowdowns are (sometimes) rendered as time reversal (or random data). Most problems seem to occur when transitioning between two 8K VV clips.

    Also : Recreating a similar transition in FCP-X has not such slowdown.

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