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    Quote Originally Posted by M Most View Post
    Marc, Marc, Marc. You keep talking about projects you had, at most, only a peripheral knowledge of as if you were intimately involved. Even worse, you're talking about things that I WAS intimately involved with.
    Funny, I don't see you credited for them on IMDB. Anybody who wants to check my credentials is free to do so.

    I worked on those shows strictly as a colorist and not as a manager, a supervisor, or a clerk pushing paper from one place to another. I was actually in the trenches, turning the knobs. And I have the scars to prove it.

    Note that some of the shows we're talking about went for years bouncing around to different post houses. Murder was at TAV in 1985-1986 (with my old friend Pat Miller), then we inherited almost all the Universal shows over at Sunset Digital from 1987-1989. I had previously done all the color on quite a few Universal shows at Video Duplication/U.S. Video in 1979 and 1980. And I did the work on Dallas, Knott's Landing, and Dynasty at Command Video over on Seward when they were a division of TAV from 1982-1984. All of this is ancient history now: most of these companies are gone and not much is left except the memories. As I said, very interesting times, because things changed so much in the 1980s and 1990s.
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    It IS ancient history because all of the dates you just listed, with the exception of Universal, were prior to any of the changes you claim such intimate knowledge of. And I already mentioned that Universal was one of the last - if not the last - studio to adopt electronic post approaches.

    I'm really tired of this stupid "competition." The fact is that no shows were "at" video post houses in the early to mid 80s because they were all finished on film. The only thing post houses did was air transfers from the answer print, often done on the fly for the most part. You know very well that I was "in the trenches" for many years - at least as many as you - so stop implying that I somehow wasn't and therefore don't know what I'm talking about. I've done different things in my life, all of which have informed all the others, and my years at Lorimar were both informative and incredibly educational, as well as groundbreaking (the company, not me). Making the decisions as to how things are going to be done, and figuring out how to do it, and being involved in all phases (including post sound, network deliveries, and bringing producers and editors into the process) is at least as "in the trenches" as being a telecine operator, and it yields an awful lot of insight that one cannot have when one's involvement is only in the final stage. Personally, I feel honored to have been able to be a part of it, and I certainly wasn't a "clerk pushing paper" (if only it has been that easy.....). I was part of a rather small team that basically reinvented television post production, and yes, I'm damn proud of that. I chose my path(s) and you chose yours.

    As for IMDB, funny, I don't see you credited for any of the Lorimar shows, nor do I see you credited for Dynasty. But then again, I was going to say that IMDB is not exactly a definitive bible of the film industry, particularly when it regards positions which were generally uncredited in those days. Looks like that works both ways (although if you really want to, feel free to look up "Midnight Caller" under production management.....). And yes, once again, it is all ancient history, but if one is going to talk about the way things were done, one should be accurate, and that usually benefits from having some insight that goes beyond sitting in a colorist's chair. That's what I try to do, even when it's in a historical context. And with that, I'm done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M Most View Post
    I'm really tired of this stupid "competition."
    I saw no competition, just varying experience from industry professionals and fact checking. Don't see the problem.

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    This is all great stuff. So much history scattered across this forum. Thanks for writing gents.
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