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  1. #1 Epic-W freezes when using "Run-Stop" feature on Ronin 2 remote controller 
    Am I the only one who is having camera freezing issues while using a Ronin2 hand-held remote controller's "Run-Stop" feature to record/stop Helium series cameras?

    It happens intermittently. When it does, we have to power down the camera to get it running again. Also, the last clip gets deleted or corrupted.

    We have seen this happened with more than 2 Weapons, one Epic-W (rental units) plus our Epic-W as well. All cameras were running DSMC2 Release Build v7.0.1 and up (our Epic-W has DSMC2 Release Build v7.0.2).

    When we contacted DJI tech-support, they said this was a RED issue. I was wondering whether anyone else had the same or similar problems in this area.

    Any ideas to why this happens and any remedies or tips to prevent this behavior?
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    Hi Neil,

    Is the firmware up-to-date, and are you using any third-party accessories, specifically cables with your setup? Are you powering the camera directly off the Ronin?

    When you get a chance, please save a log file and send it to RED Support along with details and a photo of your setup.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks Chad. Our Epic-W camera is at your Irvine HQ being upgraded to a Weapon (getting Weaponized!). Left it with Christine on Wednesday the 8th, August.
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