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    Hello there.

    i got a problem with my Dragon.
    The results are very bad in dark situations at the moments.
    Shadows have a magenta tint on the left side.

    The Dragon runs with the newest Firmware and I did the Blackshading, but it isn't better now.

    I made two screenshots from a full dark Situation.

    One Screenshot ist Iso 2000 and the other one is at Iso 12800.

    Hope you can help me.
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    If black shading doesn't help (I presume it doesn't) you'll need to call support und send your camera in. Had once the sensor swapped due to a similar problem.

    Hans von Sonntag
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    I thought the Dragon was nominally rated at 800:

    Give it more light, black-shade the camera, and see how it responds. Otherwise, it's possible to color-correct black issues to a point, but you may be introducing non-linear distortions in the picture. I see an awful lot of bad problems in underexposed material (and that counts for all cameras -- this is not a Red-specific problem). More light is good: less noise, more accurate color, etc. Though there are some "it depends" to this.

    I would also shoot a grayscale chart and then examine the chart on a scope and see where and how any color contamination is happening.
    marc wielage, csi colorist/post consultant daVinci Resolve Certified Trainer
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    A couple things; did you *start* doing the black shade after the camera reached stable operating temperature (I think default is 65c) and/or did you take this screen grab before the camera reached that same stable operating temperature? Cause if you didn't do either of those, the BS would be far less effective.

    Dragon is quite a bit more sensitive to black shading/operating temp than MX and DSMC2. And which OLPF are you using? 2000 ISO is pretty high... ST is ~800, STH is ~500, and LLO is ~1600.
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