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  1. #1 LCD display screen options changing/missing audio meters 
    I think this relates to a dead internal battery.

    I just started losing the audio meters on the bottom right of the LCD overlay, it is replaced with AE, AF, and Motion/Stills Rec. icon. I also lost the "Project" icon under "Settings". I re-booted the camera and the "Project" menu re-appeared, but I'm still missing the audio meters. It also looks like every time I shut off the camera, the internal settings and clock settings disappear (re-set to 1/1/2010). How do you get the audio meters back?

    Is this the internal battery? Is it temporarily re-chargeable? Or can local shops replace the battery? I have a big project in 11 days.
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    I was doing some dragon testing and found that my audio meters were disappearing as well, found that by putting the frame rate back to 23.98 brought them back - total rookie mistake on my part when this happened - not sure if that's the same issue you're facing or not. As far as internal battery goes, I'm not sure if it's rechargeable or not, but I'm pretty sure RED will fix that for free, but getting it to them, through their service center, and back in 11 days might be a pretty tight turn around to say the least. Any time there's issues though it's always a good bet to reset the camera and update firmware. Best of luck!
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    Sound bars dissappear when actual frame rate and project frame rate mismatch. It happens due to camera not recording audio when those settings mismatch. If you want to record audio while shooting overcrank - set the project time base the same as your actual framerate.
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    Both my project recording frame rate and project time base are 23.98. I still don't have the audio bars (it remains AF, AE, and REC).
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    Sounds like you might be in stills mode. Try swiping up from the camera icon at the bottom left and choosing "motion"
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