Hey Yall,

I'm building a production van and have a 700AH 12v house battery bank and 540 watts of solar feeding it through an MPPT controller. I am trying to figure out how much power in AH (amp hours) charging 1 red brick will take out of my battery bank if using the red brick charger. The batteris take about 9 AH but they need to be charged through an Invertor so there is power loss there and they need to run for about 2-3 hours each to fully charge. Ultimatly how much power it will take to charge 2 batteries in a remote location. The invertor is a 2000 watt sine invertor - its is about 88% efficent, and idle compsumption is 28 watts/hr.

I'm guessing per battery it will be about 20AH's?
Please help.