Hey, guys, I know DSMC1 cameras through Dragon are slowly being discontinued if not outright (MX) but even searching for deals on older cameras, like an Epic MX, in this case, I found something that made me want to ask a question. So, this camera in question is an Epic MX and it is currently in a non-working state which follows the often usual "won't power on"-type issue and I asked the seller what the repair cost would be since, for someone like me who has a bunch of DSMC1 parts and accessories built up anyway, it would be advantageous to pick it up on the cheap as-is and get it fixed. He replied that RED suggested he buy a Scarlet-W instead since it would cost about that much to fix it, which was going to be roughly $13,000. Of course, that immediately took away any possible savings and begs the question as to why, at this point with the MX cameras discontinued and production processes clearly far more advanced than they've ever been since they were released, would repair costs still be so high?

I remember looking into a RED One MX some years ago and there was a similar low price deal on a RED One MX with a bad sensor and calling RED about the cost of a replacement sensor and the quote was $6,500 just for the sensor. Years later, even after the camera was discontinued, there was another similar deal and I was quoted the same price of $6,500 which, at that time, would have bought two perfectly good RED One MX packages on the used market. With this Epic MX deal costing $13,000 to simply fix it, at this time, that could be spent not only on buying a Scarlet-W starting package but also could be put towards a used Epic Dragon package, a much more advanced and serviceable option. I'm honestly not too concerned with getting a new camera right now, I love my used and perfectly well working RED One MX and I'm finishing up my first feature with it next week, but it's troubling that with the current marketplace for used RED cameras, there's conflicting issues like this with the limited time repair situation that makes it hard to invest further in RED, even when I would want to and, again with all the spare parts and 1.8" drives and such from my RED One MX, I would be easily able to. While some may say it's better to invest in the newer cameras or, again, the Dragon level, it's a testament to RED's advanced forward thinking and technology that an Epic MX, today, is still more advanced in specifications than most cameras out there, even the latest ones from other manufacturers. Despite that, RED is always moving forward, so it's situations like this that make it hard to stay in the sweet spot between staying ahead of the competition but not overly invested in the constantly changing top of the line.