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    I shot this music video few months ago using Epic with Helium senson and Arri Master Anamorphics. We opted for 35mm and 100mm.

    It was my first time with this glass and I can say i'm quite impresses. Much more character than I expected.

    Filtration was Tiffen Glimmerglass 1/4 and 1/8 with occasional ND if needed.

    Camera was rated as 640 ISO and exposed accordingly.

    1. For first scene our set designer have built a wall from steel and wood it was 24ft tall by 18ft wide. I blasted 4x Arri m40 through it. Skypanel s360 was used as key light bounced and Joker Bug 800 as small kicker in some areas.

    2. Second scene was lit with Skypanel S360 hanged overhead through 12ft by 12ft frame with 1/2 diffusion and DoP Choice grid. Skypanel s60 was used as fill with snapbag and full diffusion.

    3. Third scene: We rigged 10x Claypaky Sharpy on truss frame behind him and 2x Arri s60 Bounced for fill. Jokerbug 800 with projection lens for his backlight.

    4. Cocaine scene was one of the most demanding. We poured salt from 45ft ceiling. We had one Jokerbug 800 with projection lens rigged as overhead / backlight. Only other source was DLed 9 Turbo as rim light for cocaine spread. Fill was achieved with bounce card only.

    5. Cocaine field was made with a little over 4000 pounds of plaster, and some other dusts and materials for construction works. It was lit by 4x Arri m40 rigged almost 180 degrees opposite of camera so practicaly as backlight. Diffusion in front of the m40s was 1/2 frost.

    i hope you enjoy it. You can find some BTS photos attached. Click for full size.


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    Great looking video! The Red Helium and the Arri/Zeiss Master Anamorphics seem to be made for each other! And thanks for the BTS tecnical info as well.
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    Looks great Luka. Thank you for the BTS as well. Must have been quite a cleanup job.
    Samir Patel

    Stealth Weapon-MG and EPIC-W with some vintage Contax-Zeiss and Leica-R goodness and some Canon and Nikon modern glass just for good measure.
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