Thread: Wich preamp/recorder are you're favorite and why?

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    I use a MixPre-3. For me, the only thing it's missing is timecode-out. So I output audio back to the camera body and sync by waveforms in post.
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    Hi Akin, I think the audio going back in the camera (from the stereo out of the mixpre-6) is satisfying for most jobs. But its great to have the additional masters when needed. One thing that is handy is to unplug the the camera and let the actors watch the playback from the camera while doing a adr on set. If its a tight schedule,or the your shooting far of from the studio and you only have a few shoots where you want to hear the voice of the over the film its a good option to have.

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    Has anyone tried the little Mozegear CaPre or mini papi?
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