Hi all,

After briefly testing the Angenieux Optimo Style lenses before the summer I fell in love with the characteristics, feel but also how it is built.
I have seen Daniel Stilling's beautiful work with these lenses but there is limited content online otherwise. I know they are regulars in rental houses and quite popular... but I hear little about them in general and would like to hear your opinion.

I own a couple of primes but my work also asks for more portable setups, sometimes in rougher terrain and weather as well. So the Optimo Style lineup (excluding the 25-250) has become very interesting.
I know some of them have been out for a while, with a more recent addition of the 48-130mm that also has a slightly larger image circle (in comparison to the other two (16-40 and 30-76).
Now, I'm not moving to VV/FF so S35 is perfectly fine with me. Currently working on the Scarlet-W is fantastic, likely moving to Gemini within the year. But...

My only concern here is that it seems that the 16-40/30-76 has a image circle of 31.4 while 48-130 has 34.6. In combination with some of the DSMC2 cameras this poses some problems.
While the Gemini essentially will crop the Angenieux to 0.81x at 5K 1.71:1/FF/2:1/WS (image circle range from 35.61-33.34mm) but will be fine at 4.5K where the biggest image circle will be 31.21mm.
At 4K and a S35 crop of 1.01x it will all be fine but with 1K less resolution.

On the positive side of things, I love the characteristics of the lens, weight and size seem balanced, great environment/temperature tolerances for rougher environments. Two in a kit, eg 16-40 and 48-130 seem like a good combo!

I have some questions for all of you out there though...:

- Even if I have seen the specifications and data, what is your real world experience with the Optimo Style series and in particular the DSMC2 S35 lineup of cameras in terms of sensor coverage?
- Is it fair to expect a new version of the 16-40mm Optimo Style with a larger image circle similar to the 48-130mm (also most recent Optimo Style lens) as lenses appear to be moving and matching larger sensors with time?
- Any "gotchas/aha!" with the lenses?
- Any other experiences you can share?

Many thanks in advance!