Since there have been a lot of stolen gear / fraudulent rentals posted - maybe those people could share what legal approach they took and if there was a specific category of lawyer that is appropriate.
RED owner (yes hard to believe) provides their RED Epic as collateral for 4,000 loan - then repays loan with personal check and keeps red EPIC - but guess what? the check won't clear and the signature has been intentionally mis-signed to make cashing difficult.
Said owner then skips town from LA to NY.

I realize there are probably not too many cinematographer-lawyers in RedUser - but what is best approach to at least get a judgement against them that might result in a lien against property or wage witholding or some black mark on their film reputation so they can't continue the behavior?
I have signed contract for the loan but do I file in both states? Coincidentally, my bank account is originated in the second state - so in some respects it is interstate fraud. Have people who were the victim of fraudulent loans filed in the state of the rental or the state of current residence of the perp?

Also, have people been able to get Share Grid and similar rental groups to honor legal judgements against their users especially where fraud is involved and likely to recur?
Thanks for any suggestions - feel free to DM if you prefer.