Thread: When will we get scratch audio for Varispeed?

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  1. #1 When will we get scratch audio for Varispeed? 
    I remember on one of the previous updates, scratch audio for Varispeed footage was supposed to be included in the firmware but it never became available. I shoot music videos 90% of the time and this feature would be a god-send in saving time. Usually 25-50% of the music video footage is shot in slow motion with no audio and I have to manually sync up the footage to audio (the footage with sound I just use adobe to automatically sync them). I would prefer not to have to change my project time base too everytime I want to change framerates just to get audio. Frame rates change so frequently on music video shoots. Is this a feature coming in the near future?
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    This feature has been there for over a year now.

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    thank you for this. I had been looking everywhere and just now realized that the menu option is only visible when you are actively in varispeed. I swtiched frame rate and it showed up finally. Thanks
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