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    Do Arri users complain about the internal ND system in their cameras? I am curious what Arri and Sony operators think about their internal systems on productions.

    I do like the concept of internal ND and if most folks are satisfied with how Arri and Sony do their setups, I think that's what Red or some third party should aim to achieve.

    As for Tilta, I like their Nucleus-M and had no problems with their customer service (but it doesn't mean others had the same experience). I do think they can be creative in their own right moving forward and NOT look to the competition for inspiration but merely to what customers/users need and own feedback. Hopefully they will grow and learn as other young companies do too. It's what they do learn and do from their mistakes that is how they'll redeem themselves and be better...hopefully.

    I do want an internal Electronic ND system with a clear setting from someone! Red Motion Mount 2, maybe?!
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    Did this die?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff McCoy View Post
    Did this die?
    Same question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff McCoy View Post
    Did this die?
    Was interested in this product as well. Reached out to Tilta a few days ago, and their reply was:

    "Yes it is still in development, but there is no release date currently! Keep an eye out for future announcements!"
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    My guess, heavy colorshifts and unwanted artifacts and flair in the behind lens filter array.

    Red compensate the color shift trough color science, something tilta would need reds help to do. Not sure that would happen.
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