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    A client borrowed my Scarlet and it exhibited a problem, which was never experienced here. Somehow when using it a thick magenta/purple vertical line appeared in the image. This same color was also seen in some of the highlights at times. Picture attached to show how obvious the line is.

    Client hasn't provided information on circumstances of how/when it happened. It was indeed there when it came back. I did a "wipe camera" type reset and the issue vanished. I deleted the old sensor calibration and it briefly showed itself, then went away once the delete was done. I ran the Scarlet through it's paces and simply cannot repeat the issue. I re-did the sensor calibration and it still seems fine with no traces of the problem.

    Still I am nervous it could come back or is intermittent. Does this issue look familiar to anybody. It would help greatly if anybody has some idea of the cause of it, circumstances that could cause such an issue, or some way to repeat it. I think if I send it to Red for evaluation there is a good chance they won't be able to find anything wrong. If I can somehow figure out how to make it rear its head, that would be helpful. Or even information that somehow this is a non-issue and could have been caused by some type of user error or mis-use.

    I am really quite baffled as I have never seen anything like this, so any clues or similar stories would be appreciated.
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