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    Hey guys,

    First time poster.

    I have been running a Scarlet-W since March and currently using the Rokinon Cine DS set.

    I picked up a Tiffen Indie ND kit and the image is pulling really green.

    Has anyone encountered this or have a recommendation on a ND filter/matte to use?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Indie or IRND? I seem to recall early in Dragon’s release Phil and a few others recommended against IRND as IR filtration was now in the sensor stack... that was a few years ago though, so I may be remembering wrong.
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    Yeah I think there is already some IR filtering going on inside. I use a Tiffen VND and have not seen this issue, but that isn't IR I don't think.

    The joy of RAW you should be able to address this moving tint -5 or so.

    I get a lot of green tinting in general when shooting under fluro and tend to get rid of it by moving tint a tad.
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    Thank you for responding.

    Here is the exact kit I purchased:

    About -15 on the tint cancels it out. But the sky starts looking a little mushy.

    I will pick up a VND to do a comparison.
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