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    We are ready to begin the payment process.

    Portkeys have decided to go through a specific dealer to handle the transactions. This way they don't have to send over 40 individual packages to the states. Feel free to pay by going to the following website. Use the code "GROUPBUY" to secure the discount and flat rate shipping per unit.

    Payments will be accepted through October 7, to give folks a few extra days to jump in and secure a great deal. Monitors should be shipping from the manufacturer to the dealer by October 8. Once arrived at the dealer, they can ship to our participants!

    Thanks for being involved! Enjoy the monitor!

    ***** We have hit our MAX goal, as of 9/29/18! I'm contacting the company to get all the orders in! We should be able to start taking payments and begin the shipping process! Congrats everyone!

    *****We are currently only FOUR UNITS away from hitting our max discount level! We could also begin taking payment and shipping, if folks are interested in doing that! 9/12/18 13:41

    ***** We're officially now at 18 units, which qualifies us for a 20% discount, and it's only been a single day! At this rate, I'm hopefull we'll get to the 26% discount in no time! Which means we can also start shipping sooner than the deadline if folks are willing to pay early!*** 9/5/18 12:49pm

    Hey there, Curt here!

    I've run several group buys on Red User before, and they were very successful. I'm the kind of guy that's ALWAYS on the look out for killer gear. Recently, some of my Red User buddies, Curtis Boggs and Tim Daust introduced me to the Portkeys BM7, 7” 2000 nit monitor. To say I was impressed is an understatement. I live in Arizona. It’s typically very bright when working outdoors. It is very difficult to see a large majority of monitors in full sunlight without a hood. In some cases, a hood doesn’t help that much. I have a high bright monitor now, from another manufacturer, but the Portkeys is even better than the one I currently own. It’s bright enough that I can pull focus, outside in full sunlight without a hood!

    Here are some images of the monitor being used outside:

    I like the Portkeys BM7 monitor so much, I contacted the manufacturer, and have organized a group buy.

    Normally, the monitor is priced at $999.00. However, the manufacturer is willing to provide the monitor to the Red User community in a tiered discount structure:
    $949.00 1-5 Monitors purchased 05% Discount
    $899.00 6-10 Monitors purchased 10% Discount
    $849.00 11-15 Monitors purchased 15% Discount
    $799.00 16-30 Monitors purchased 20% Discount
    $739.00 30+ Monitors purchased 26% Discount

    The group buy will remain open through September 30, 2018. Payment must be made by October 5, 2018; a link will be provided (or emailed to you). At the end of the group buy, participants will pay for the monitor and they will be shipped via 2-3 day delivery (with signature required) anywhere in the continental US for $26.50. Shipments will be made approximately one week after payment deadline (week of October 8).

    Features of the BM7:
    • 7 inch Super Bright LCD Panel
    • 7" FHD 2000NIT Bright Screen
    • IPS Screen for More Accurate Color&Viewing Angles
    • Custom 3D-LUT Support
    • HDR Preview, Guides
    • Waveform
    • Vectorscope
    • RGB Parade
    • Histogram
    • Audio Levels Meters
    • Peaking
    • False Color
    • Image Zoom
    • Check Field
    • Zebra
    • Underscan
    • 3.5mm Headphone output

    Accepts 3G SDI signals:
    • 1920Χ1080p/50Hz
    • 59.94Hz
    • 60Hz
    • YUV422
    • 1920Χ1080p/23.98Hz
    • 24Hz
    • 25Hz
    • 29.94Hz
    • YUV444 /YUV422/RGB444

    Accepts HDMI Signals:
    • 1920Χ1080p/23.98Hz
    • 24Hz,25Hz
    • 29.97Hz
    • 30Hz
    • 50.94Hz
    • 60Hz
    Supports V-Mount, Gold Mount and DV batteries.
    Also supports Mini-XLR power input.

    What’s in the box:

    • 1x Super Bright 7” Monitor
    • 1x V-lock Battery Bracket (attached to the monitor) (Gold mount is not available from the manufacturer, but you could replace it yourself)
    • 1x Sony MP F550 battery bracket with 2 slots for batteries
    • 1x Front Screen protector
    • 1x Monitor cleaning cloth
    • 1x D-tap power supply
    • 1x Hard plastic case

    These monitors are branded under a number of different manufacturers. In our case, the monitors will have the iKan logo on the front, but will have the latest Portkeys software (for better fan control) loaded on the monitor.
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