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    Just wanted to update my posting about selling my Portkeys monitor.

    I have decided not to sell it. The reason is that having owned it for several months now the monitor and the case that it came in have still not completely off gassed. There is still a very strong chemical smell that I'm trying to determine is from the case/foam or the monitor itself, or perhaps both. I currently have them separated to try and determine that but I can not in good faith sell it to someone with this issue. I have chemical sensitivity, so I thought it was just me being oversensitive to it until both a colleague and my wife said that it's very strong and suggested I may not want to sell this to someone unless it eventually off gasses completely. I'm curious whether anyone else has experienced this with their monitor? I feel like the monitor itself has less of an odor when kept separately from the case but the off gassing seems to creep in when it's been on for a little bit. The case itself though is very strong. I've had it open in a hallway that gets some fresh air passing through for two weeks now and it still smells strong.

    Frustrating and not the first time I have experienced something like this with products. Does seem to happen a lot more with asian manufacturing. Last time this happened was with some Smallrig parts. Apparently they hadn't cured properly and were jammed into shipping materials and by the time they got to me the odor was so strong (especially to someone with this sensitivity) that it literally took my breath away. Had never really experienced something like this. Mitch Gross explained the reasons why it can happen and advised sending it back right away, which I did.

    Anyway, sorry, long way of saying I'm taking this down until I find out what's going on with it. I will say, I have not used it outside too often over the past few months as I haven't had a lot of outdoor shoots this winter. Maybe that would help. I might just leave the case outside for a couple of days and see if it improves.

    Not sure why, but I don't see as many issues with products manufactured in Germany or the US. But I do experience a lot of weird odors when it comes to things from Asia and in particular China. I don't want to speculate on why this is the case, maybe others know about the manufacturing process or maybe their experiences have been different. Plastics in particular just seem to have very strong off gassing.
    Steve Sherrick
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    I'd be interested in buying one of these used if somebody has one which they no longer want.
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    Got one if you're still looking.

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