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    I like this, and I think it's pretty cool, but honestly, I think what will be important for Hydrogen is to have it expand beyond RED + film-based people, right?

    Don't get me wrong, but it probably needs to also be a hit with consumers who aren't going to be doing these types of setups to have it be a successful enough media machine to keep developing other modules and features? It's really cool to see the images it can get, but more real-world shots without a lens rig or super-stylized lighting would be nice to see.

    Either way, I have my Ti pre-order in that I'm stoked to receive, so fingers crossed things keep going well :)

    Edit: Should have scrolled up on that thread - these look great!
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    that Beastgrip kit is a pretty rad thing. This is essentially a throwback to things like the Brevis 35, god I feel old saying that.

    But for RED shooters and those experienced with RED cameras, let me tell you, the 2D Cinema Module is going to back a wallup and you will have bigger and better pixels plus the ability to just slap a lens on there.

    Stay tuned. Jim, Matthew, Hydrogen, RED, & co. are working hard on finishing everything up on that bit of kit.
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