Thread: Red Epic Dragon 6K alongside SW as 2nd cam - is it worth going this route?

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  1. #1 Red Epic Dragon 6K alongside SW as 2nd cam - is it worth going this route? 
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    I have been enjoying the SW Dragon for the last year.
    Once in a while I need a 2nd cam, so looking at adding another unit to match.
    The obvious route to go is another SW or possibly a Raven, but there is a good deal on a 6K Epic Dragon DSMC 1 at the moment, and I'm strongly considering it but also on the fence...

    I always desired the 6K Dragon as my main cam over the last few years, and I still love seeing the images this thing produces but when the opportunity came along to jump into the Red ecosystem I opted for the SW on budget.

    Do any of you guys have both these cams, what are the pros and cons and are they easily matched in post?
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    they will match just fine. I personally think the epic dragon in dsmc 1 is still my favorite RED to date and ive owned all most all of them. DSMC2 was a huge step backwards for RED in terms of reliability once they opened things up to third party devs in my opinion, but epic dragon just still kicks ass.

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    I wouldnt even consider Raven, they wont match at all. 6K Dragon will match better
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    I guess they'll all 'match' given they're essentially the same Dragon sensor tech in different sizes. But between DSMC1 Dragon and DSMC2 Scarlet-W, consider the cost of purchasing additional expanders or DSMC2 kit, what you can share between the cameras and also where you will have redundancy to replace a part if something goes down - seems logical to run 2x DSMC2 brains rather than have to build a solid setup with old and new cameras..
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    Used Epic Dragons are going really cheap. The bang for buck is crazy at this point.
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    I shot a feature in May with this combo. Slight issues with 6k vs. 5k FOV but otherwise they're about the same.

    I love my 6k dragon. Won't change until used Monstro is affordable
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