Thread: Grain issues, motion blur issues.

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    This is not grainy and blurry, just not the sharpest and not the artifacts free (compression!) image ever.
    You're good.
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    I thought so too, but I thought maybe I was missing something, glad to have another observation.
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    The focus is actually a little off on these. In the first one, it's a little bit ahead of the skateboarder. Hard to nail and anticipate his position, so I don't blame you. He probably comes into focus just shortly after this frame, too.

    Full res:

    This one is a bit past the two kids in the front. The kid in the back and the trees looks sharper to me.

    Full res:

    Outside of color work, for these I did a slight chroma noise cleanup, added some subtle sharpness, and added grain.
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    Couple of things.

    1) A cheap ND could def affect sharpness.
    2) If you are shooting slow-mo, definitely lower your compression - that will help minimize artifacting
    3) Consider lowering your ISO to maybe 320 or 400. That will clean up your shadows.
    4) Try a straight 180 degree shutter. It may not be as sharp, but could look more natural.

    All the best
    Nick Morrison
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