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    Hey Guys,

    I have evolved into using Premiere all the time, thank you for all the support.

    Anyways, we have now run into a problem that I believe must have been run into by you guys before. As we are working with many large files here, rendering proxies has become a crucial step in our workflow.

    It was then discovered, hey, these cameras can shoot proxy files simultaneously as the r3ds.

    The problem:

    How does one import a single r3d files that is of course made up of segments... and then link .mov proxy files that are ALSO in segments?

    We can always combine all these segmented .mov files in one sequence and then export the sequence as a whole file, but then how would the in camera proxies even benefit the workflow at that point?
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    I've never used a proxy workflow but this might help:

    Use Premiere's Media Browser to import your .r3ds— that will import full clips and will show each as a single file in the project panel.

    Format your minimags as UDF instead of FAT32 to record non-segmented proxies.
    Jordan Beard
    Canopy Films
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan Beard View Post
    Format your minimags as UDF instead of FAT32 to record non-segmented proxies.
    Trying this. Thank you
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    If you have segmented proxies, best to stitch them together before you edit by using 'edit ready'. Or just format using UDF in future.
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