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    A 5" monitor that was being used on B-Cam suddenly got horizontal banding/lines across the display. The monitor was not dropped, banged or otherwise mistreated, but it was being used in direct sunlight in the desert (it was 930am though, and not hot out yet, but maybe heat issue?). Touchscreen still works and you can still see the image, but it's messed up. RED just told the owner that they no longer make replacement parts for this monitor and he would have to buy a new one. Anyone have any tips here? Wasn't RED selling the 5" less than two years ago?? Did they discontinue an item that quickly and stop servicing them?

    Any chance of going to a 3rd party repair place? Or any other help here?

    Los Angeles based, image below. Thanks for any info
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    I experienced exactly what you’re describing, last year. Same statement from RED. They would offer a discount on a new monitor but there was nothing they could do to repair the old one. It is coming up on 7 years old now, but still...
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