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    Well hey, look at that. Someone finally got their nonsense together and posted an updated demo reel. Why yes, it is nearly October and 2018 is almost done, so that's cool.

    All the footage was shot on my Helium and CP.2 lens set from this past year short of one shot that I keep planting in different reels to see if anyone is paying attention. 2018 got me into shooting more fashion and abstract stuff in terms of personal work, so hopefully that'll lead to more client and personal projects. Oh, and turns out I need to try and stop leaning so much on the over cranked footage crutch. If you've read this far and want to check out the full versions of some of the demo footage and some behind the scenes stuff, I've included the links below.

    After 8pm
    Fashion Films with Tony Li
    So we made a thing...
    Could've Been Bike Shorts...
    A Lighting Test (and then some...)

    Crazy thanks to the people who were part of the different projects as well as the creatives who took the time to critique the early edits.

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    Solid work man. Love it. Keep it up!!!
    RED EPIC-W #3508
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    Hi Tanner great work! The Helium is perfect! I had arguments in the past with people stating that the Epic Dragon is better. This is a prime example that it's NOT.
    Manish Hamza

    Vilmos Media Pvt. Ltd.
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