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    New Red Tech video about Powering your camera.

    Might all sound obvious but bad power is probably the number one cause of camera issues.

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    Thanks! Interesting info...
    Norbert Niederacher
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    Very nice. Really digging the hard truths being delivered here. It's nice to save a buck here and there, but power is system critical both in bricks and how you deliver power to the system.

    Also, just to plop in some other useful info. For current DSMC2 cameras for every 60Wh of power on your battery you get about an hour of up time. On batteries that do communicate with the camera you get a nice early warning to power down before fully running out of juice and even when it gets dangerously low, the system will power down.

    My personal hot tip, I always do an eyeball scan before a take to make sure a lot of stuff on the GUI is "in the green" and we're clear to roll. That's what that information is there for.
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    Really like these clips, nicely done, informative in a none boring but rather fun way.

    I spoiled myself with high quality batteries from the start and im glad with no issues on set.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Good info... nice vid..
    Michael Lindsay

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    Well here's a quick question that is related to this. I'm taking delivery of a Gemini shortly. I have ordered the base expander module. I plan to power the camera through an AB plate mounted on top rods on the camera. Power in will be through the 6 pin lemo. Do I need to put a cover on over the exposed contacts on the back of the base expander or are they ok to just swing in the breeze?


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