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    Quote Originally Posted by Christoffer Glans View Post
    What free upgrade? The word I got from them last year was that it would cost me to change it. If they suddenly went "free" on that without telling the customers of that battery plate, which they earlier said was a paid change, that's a bullshit move.
    We got several emails from Wooden camera months ago telling us to register to get the free upgrade and we did and got the free upgraded board. You should be happy that the upgrade is free instead of having to pay for it... no? ;-)
    Just email them they will take care of it.
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    look back at my previous post, John Gatzlaff, can assist you in a free PCB upgrade to 8.0 that has the micro sd slot to further upgrade.
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    Will the Teradek DSMC2 Bolts not work without v7.1 installed?
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    Just installed the released on Nov 27th. V-Mount work fine and all still lenses with electronic aperture - Canon, Tokina and Sigma seem to work. No issues with hot pixels either. Only issue: With non-Red Chipped Batteries, aka Voltage readout, I'm still getting the red blinking LED still instead of a solid green like before. Not a huge deal, but maybe it can get fixed in the next update? Overall, very nice firmware update.
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    Updated to get my Teradek DSMC2 Bolt module to work. Prior to that I was getting no video to the receiver but everything was powering correctly with Brain->Teradek->OMOD XLR2->RED V-lok plate config. As soon as I upgraded - every time I'd boot the camera, after initialization it would go straight into a low voltage 10sec countdown and turn the camera off (despite trying with fully-charged batteries from two different manufacturers). I removed the OMOD & RED Vlok plate and switched to a RED V-lok Expander module and it all worked fine. Waiting on word back from OffHollywood on whether it's an issue with the OMOD firmware.

    DSMC2 Bolt module is dope BTW :)
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