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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunleik Groven View Post
    If you feed the Dragon sufficient light (even in DSCM1 version), it is a remarkable camera on all levels.

    It was over-sold on sensitivity back in the day, which I still think is a pity, as it has so many other qualities.

    If sensitivity is the main parameter and you want RED, then Gemini is the answer.

    Gunleik is right. Also, you should take into account long term perspective (upgrade paths, trade-in, or sell value if you go with another camera manufacturer). I would get what makes sense for how you shoot and light. No matter what camera you get you will have to learn that camera’s sensor with respect to lighting, just like film stocks.
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    That's true. I shoot, restaurant, food, cars, I need slow mo at least 120p, I currently have a C200 which I am not truly happy with, only 60p but in 10 bit. Not enough for my future projects. I've watched so many Planet Earth and Chef's table shot on Epic Dragon that I wanted to see if I could get a used one for a decent price and sell my C200.
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