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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Gardner View Post
    If I recall correctly, way back in the day, The first couple of seasons of HOC were shot 5k with a 4k frame for reframing. Then when dragon came around, 6k and 5k, then 8k and 7k.
    There is no shortage of great looking stuff shot on dragon at 4k.

    Yes, I think it was Michael Cioni in one of his great technical posts here that detailed David FIncher's workflow and why he preferred the Highest res possible, for reframing and other technical and artistic considerations.
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    +1 on sensor cleaning. I saw a difference when RED cleaned mine during a battery replacement.
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    I'd shoot 6k HD if possible... even if that means going to 16:1 (compared to 4k 8:1). More sensor and much better downscale. All the Dragon 4k>1080p stuff mentioned (outside of Nick's) was shot on great glass (like tack sharp Master Primes), with good standalone filtration, and likely <5:1 compression ratio.

    As for teleprompter; does that mean you're using both a teleprompter *AND* screw-on ND in these examples? That combo is just asking for blurred images.

    Do yourself a favour and eliminate some variables; go outside with just the camera and bare lens... Set the lens to 5.6 and crank the shutter angle to get proper exposure. Shoot at 6k/8:1. Okay, now at full debayer in RCXp, does *that* footage still look soft? My guess is it'll be clean/pristine.

    (side note: you may have an earlier Epic-M Dragon that did *not* ship with the interchangeable OLPF platform... It's hard-locked to STH and needs to be sent to RED to get the swappable OLPF platform put in... Giant pain in the ass, but RED does it for free... Except for shipping; you'll have to pay that.)
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