Thread: Anyone upgrade their Red Epic W to the Helium and wish you went Gemini route?

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    I went DSMC2 keeping Helium. Love this camera, love the sensor. I don’t really know what I need that I can’t get from this camera. Pretty fortunate to get to shoot on it whenever I want.
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    I really miss nothing sinds I moved from all the other cameras I shot on. Its atually the best feature I could ever imagine. RAW photo quality in motion picture. Did the upgrade and I don´t look backt to something else.
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    8K 60fps, HDR, RAW. Its low light performance is light years ahead of my old red Mysterium-X, and Dragon sensors. If you have had experience with those camera's then you know DSMC2 is a huge upgrade in low light. I am good for the next 5-10years no doubt, I still feel like that with my mysterium X. I can use 4k 120fps or 5K 96FPS FULL FRAME all day if 60fps doesnt cut it. No one is asking for Super slow mo 8K...yet.
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    I love the DSMC2 Helium. It’s what I was wishing for since a few weeks after I got the Epic W. Love finally having the fully capable camera. The only thing missing is the carbon fiber body which isn’t a huge deal at all. It would be nice to be a little lighter, but not necessary at all. It’s already super light compared to the first gen DSMC. My only regret is that I couldn’t afford the Monstro. Lol
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