Thread: Any issues seen with new Beta firmware 7.1.0 yet on Raven?

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  1. #1 Any issues seen with new Beta firmware 7.1.0 yet on Raven? 
    Anybody upgraded to the newest beta firmware? Any issues? I want to, but I have a shoot in a few days and I'm scared lol
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    Senior Member Samir Patel's Avatar
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    Couldn't get iris control on my EF Tokina 11-16v2
    Samir Patel

    Stealth Weapon-MG and EPIC-W with some vintage Contax-Zeiss and Leica-R goodness and some Canon and Nikon modern glass just for good measure.
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    Roger, I would follow the golden rule of “No beta firmware for critical gigs unless there is a specific feature you must have for that shoot”. Release builds have a better chance of being vetted for major issues and you never want a client to find out you were running a beta version if something goes very bad during a shoot. Some of the betas have been fine but I still wouldn’t risk it unless you absolutely need to.
    Steve Sherrick
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    I still got the vertical tear. Apart from that nothing so far. Have used it three times on minor gigs now
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    Just used the beta with my raven on a small project. No issues (and holy hell focus peaking is nice) but I did feel like I was playing with fire a bit.

    If bit money/ time constraints are at stake would stick with a stable build.
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    Just ran the beta all week on shooting off road, the only reason for foucs peaking, and wow does it help out. My shots seem sharper for sure now that I can nail foucs a bit better.
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