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    I'm having a strange issue, occasionally I'll put a RED mini mag into a Red Mini Mag reader (the small boxy looking ones, with no on off switch),
    download the card, then eject the card by right clicking the mag on the desktop. I'll then remove the card, and sometimes I'll place it back into the reader
    to check file sizes or something and part of the data on the card becomes corrupt.

    i'll Look in the .RDM folder and then in the .RDC and for some shots I'll see either 0 items or I'll see a weird string of letters inside the folder.

    I have it all backed up but this is not only scary but extremely frustrating. Anyone have any clue what is happening,
    I'm assuming it's becoming corrupt either during the ejection phase or the re-insertion phase.
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    Have you installed the Red software on your computer including "Red WatchDog?" This should be set to "Read Only" and in theory this should protect your SSD from the computer writing to it. You haven't specified the operating system of your computer but when I am using UDF initialised Red SSD on my Mac OS High Sierra Imac it can take a minute or two for the computer to unmount the drive and sometime it seems to stall. I generally restart the iMac rather than pulling the mounted SSD out of the caddy with the computer on.
    Tom Gleeson
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