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    I need to know what is the best compression for DCM2 Helium monochrome at 8K and 60fps. For the color sensor, the best compression is 12:1.
    I am interested to buy the camera but 12:1 is beyond my personal threshold of niceness. I need 60 fps for my new project, so before buying the camera I must know if the monochrome version of the camera has the same compresion like the color version, or is much improved. I already contacted RED but I did not received a qualified answer yet.

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    So one thing to understand is that compression has been improved from the DRAGON and MYSTERIUM sensors. I've heard it said that there is like a 3+ point increase in compression yield. So, for example, a 12:1 on HELIUM, is like a 9:1 on DRAGON. New compressions are much cleaner.
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    The best, and perhaps only good answer to this question would be for someone who has a Helium 8k Monochrome camera to post some 8k 60fps clips. There are many clips in the RED Sample Images gallery, but only one showing monochrome, and in that case it's M-X.

    It's pretty difficult for one to make this sort of decision based on the say-so of others. You really need to look at R3D files, and you need to confirm that exposure, lighting, subject treatment etc is enough in bounds that you can use it as a reliable test in lieu of renting the camera and shooting clips youself.
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