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  1. #1 building imac pro or retina macbook pro for premiere specs 
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    if money is no object for premiere performance do i get the 18 core imac with slower cores but more cores or do i get less cores but faster cores? this is my build set up vs a top of the line macbook pro. so i wasnt sure how many cores i really need. mostly it will be premiere work with very little if any AE or photoshop too
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    Depends to some degree on how you are using Premiere. Some of the operations take better advantage of high core count than others. Are you more interested in snappy scrubbing of hi rez images, or fast transcodes, or ...

    FWIW, with R3Ds, if eGPU support for NVIDIA cards in external chassis over TB3 on OSX is robust enough - that's a big IF based on recent history - perhaps the CPU could be freed of some duties. If so, then the core count vs clock speed issue might shift.

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