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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarek Zabczynski View Post
    Here's a film I shot the day I got the lenses.
    Nice film, Jarek. I thought you guys did a great job on it - great performances, excellent camera work. I liked the way you covered their first fight - that lower angle, kinda sidey, then coming to a tighter eyeline. How’d you get those flares in the opening? What drone for the closing shot? It looked great.

    Oh yeah, the lenses looked good too ;)
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    I've been shooting Sigma Cine for 18 months now and i love em. Since the minute they came out. I love em so much, and wont shut up about em, that sigma made me a "Cine Pro". They are absolutely going to do well in low light. Just make sure the set is collimated properly and you should be off to the races. If you do buy them, duclos lenses, makes a great case. 8 holes, nice an small. Gives you room to grow.

    EDIT: Zak, i just noticed the date on the original post. So way late.

    Sigma Footage:

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