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    Well I may have just screwed something up.
    I upgraded my Sigma Zoom Lenses (18-35 f1.8 and 50-100 f1.8) to their latest firmware (2.0.1).
    Now the 50-100 does not appear to be working on my MX camera (firmware 6.3.106). Aperture and focus control are no longer working on the Red - fine on DSLR though.
    Sure, afterward I check and this is a known problem.
    Unfortunately I can't seem to find a way to downgrade the lenses to the previous firmware.
    Why oh why did I upgrade. I'm usually so good at not fixing what isn't broken.
    Anyone run into this problem? Or know how to downgrade the lens firmware?

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    Hi Pete, I'm having the same issue - I thought about trying the newest beta on the epic-w, specifically states that it supports updated sigma 50-100 (firmware 2.0.1) but unfortunately, still did not solve the problem. If anyone else has any thoughts, please post them! The 18-35 still works fine.
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