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  #1 NASA First 8k video from Space. Shot on RED Helium 8k 
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    So honored to be helping NASA continue to push the boundaries in space. Thank you Rodney Grubbs , Dylan Mathis and all the incredible Astronauts on the International space station who are doing incredibly important work.

    From Rodney Grubbs at NASA:

    "I’ve been so excited for this to get released. Earlier this year we flew an 8K version of the Red digital cinema camera. We started getting shots downlinked over the past few weeks. Fantastic job of shooting by our astronauts. Being part of another “first” in space keeps me motivated to keep pushing the state of the art for imaging in space. Big thanks to my co-investigator Dylan Mathis and our partner, Red, and Red’s Jarred Land for being, well, Jarred. Any time we hit him with a crazy idea for doing something new in space imaging, he’s all-in!"

    Fans of science in space now can experience fast-moving footage in even higher definition as NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) deliver the first 8K ultra high definition (UHD) video of astronauts living, working and conducting research from the International Space Station. The same engineers who sent high-definition (HD) cameras, 3D cameras, and a camera capable of recording 4K footage to the space station now have delivered a new camera capable of recording images with four times the resolution than previously offered.

    The Helium 8K camera by RED, a digital cinema company, is capable of shooting at resolutions ranging from conventional HDTV up to 8K, specifically 8192 x 4320 pixels. By comparison, the average HD consumer television displays up to 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution, and digital cinemas typically project in resolutions of 2K to 4K.

    “This new footage showcases the story of human spaceflight in more vivid detail than ever before,” said Dylan Mathis, communications manager for the International Space Station Program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. “The world of camera technology continues to progress, and seeing our planet in high fidelity is always welcome. We're excited to see what imagery comes down in the future.”

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    Cool. The best part about filming i zero G is you don't need a gimbal or steadycam.
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    Fantastic to see this and the Red camera in Space.
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    Earth looks absolutely incredible from the Space Station.
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    Two cutting edge entities , NASA and RED, working hand in hand to give us a glimpse into our past and the technology of the future.
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    Big congrats to all of you!
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    Man. I watched this 4 times. It's such a treat to see everything they are up to in 8K. Doing some space science in 8K somewhere outside of the Earth. No big deal.

    *spoiler - it's a big deal.
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    Wonder how long the Helium and/or Monstro sensor life expectancy in outer space. I remember at a SMPTE meeting (in LA) one of the NASA engineers saying during the HD days, the sensor degraded within 3 days due to radiation.
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