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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff McCoy View Post
    How were they able to get 4K out of the DSMC2 body in real time?
    I'm guessing they modified the Broadcast Module designed for DSMC1 as a custom solution. I would add that PV has live 4K out of the DXLs, so perhaps RED was able to work something out with them for NASA projects. Here on earth, PV seems to see various DXL features as market differentiators they are best served to keep proprietary. Hard to argue with that.

    BTW, wouldn't it make the most sense for RED cameras to be the first to Mars, the red planet...

    Cheers - #19
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    Jarred, did the Astronauts actually get a crash course in cinematography from you guys? I'm imagining a Nasa REDUCATION scenario... :) Amazing stuff.
    Sérgio Perez

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    Why are there so many false colour pixels?
    Michel Hafner
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    yes of course, that one was super cool. I actually was there on the ground with Nasa when the 4k stream went live. We take this stuff for granted, but it is a pretty big deal when you consider just how far away it is.
    I watched that with my kids on Amazon Prime. It is still available last I checked. REALLY great stuff, and Jarred makes a brief appearance. It was pretty cool when they awarded the first Red camera in space to you, Jarred - my kids minds were blown that it was the "same" camera they see me shooting on all the time.

    Made me look good to my kids, thanks!
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    Really cool seeing RED going to space. I'm curious why I'm seeing so many stuck pixels on the interior shots in 8k? Calibration issue? Something to do with being up in space?
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