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    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    Im guessing your Plasma is HD and it also got quite high signal to noise ratio in the TV alone. Think it makes it difficult to see the differences.

    I look at laser projected in 4k on a large screen then the differences in quality shines. Not only between the House of cards seasons but between all Netflix productions. Feels like some really aim for the HD scene and ad grain and use the DR to such extend so it looks good in HD, while other have large 4k in mind or atleast looked at such image when doing their tests and picture processing. I guess a lot of work is still done over quite small dolby 2k screens and simply its quite impossible to judge the images properly for 4k by doing so. Or that is atleast what I think is the reasoning behind rather high noise levels and added grain that is more noticeable than I ever could think the DP´s ever intended.
    Bingo. I agree with this.
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    Is Fincher still doing his post trick of de-noising everything and then adding a consistent level of noise/grain back over everything, to be visually consistent?
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Mullen ASC View Post
    Is Fincher still doing his post trick of de-noising everything and then adding a consistent level of noise/grain back over everything, to be visually consistent?
    That was a technique used by Lowry Digital (which actually won a technical Oscar), and they did several of Fincher's movies in the 2000s. There are advantages to doing it this way, but the NR is very source-dependent, so it has to be done very carefully.
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    This thread motivated me to flip on this season (been an avid viewer of all prior seasons) and it didn't quite have the same feeling, from a visual standpoint. There seem to be some "out of the box" characteristics I associate with the Helium sensor that I don't love (a green dominance of certain scenes, skintone colors, etc). I also feel as though the ratios of light within the scene are much more even - prior I felt like the practicals in terms of spot and reflected light had a lot more contrast in them and kept my eye focused on what was intended. Maybe the first episode lives predominately in high-key daylight scenes, but I think the overall look has changed. It does make some sense if Frank represented the darker underworld and Claire is trying to get herself and her administration more above board on things, but I have found their approach to that (if it was the intent) to lack the type of texture I love.

    Now let me also just quickly say I'm a bit of a champion of the Helium sensor, I own one and am a huge fan...but I think it requires a little extra love in tuning to taste for it to become your own. I also am excited to see Robin Wright take first billing on this season as I've found her performances to be really interesting to watch over the prior 5 seasons.
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    I agree. Thought it was the worst looking season ever shot on RED. Watching on a 135” projection screen with a 4K laser projector. The noise is horrifically bad. Vertical lines. Skin tones all over the place. Yea...not a fan at all of the look. All other seeasons looked fantastic.
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    This season is shot like a soap opera compared to the previous ones. Too lit, bright, flat. Previous ones all had significant Fincheresque contrast ratios, camera compositions and camera movement. Maybe the tight schedule changes created this, but it feels generic compared to the cinematic quality of earlier seasons.
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    I tried to watch it purely for research purposes but the writing was so bad this season I couldn't stomach it.
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