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    Post your desires below... here are mine

    - Good built in audio (as good or close to audio recorders such as h4n etc)
    - Dslr like snappy 1:1 magnification
    - Frame rate bump (6k 120fps would be satisfactory for me)
    - Better compression ratios when filming high framerates (faster ssd tech should allow for this)
    - Smaller + lighter body
    - Updated Ui/Snappier
    - Non proprietary SSD
    - Built in ND or module
    - Sub 10 second boot
    - 6k FF sensor
    - Improved black shade
    - Improved long shutter noise/hotpixels.... would love to oneday be able to use a RED as a timelapse camera but i understand without a physical shutter this might not ever happen
    - Smooth spinning knob built in side handle for accurate lens focus control
    - Better RED batteries that dont lose capacity so quick
    - Improved low light performance and DR
    - Varispeed audio built into R3D file
    - More project time base options.... Would love the ability to record in 120fps, playback in realtime with audio in camera, then be able to change playback speed to 0.5 or 0.25x for slow motion viewing

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