Thread: Communicating with your Bomb Rep Squad, I seriously miss the good old days...

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  1. #1 Communicating with your Bomb Rep Squad, I seriously miss the good old days... 
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    To be honest, I hate reading this part of the forum and I even hate more posting here...
    Till last December, I used to purchase pretty much everything I need online through Red UK.
    Since that, things changed and it's recommended dealing with the national distributor, one shop in France, based in Paris.
    Problem is that distributor is not only selling Red and sometimes he has other priorities which I can understand.
    He doesn't also have all the items we should need in stock and when it's the case, it's hard to order "only one" specific item...
    With the distributor policy, other distributors are not allowed to sell outside their country which means for me, being French but also European, I cannot order and be delivered from a German or English distributor...
    Last December, I rush ordered a 4,7 Touch Screen, the distributor couldn't handle my order because it was his annual inventory week... I went through the website but it would have taken weeks according to my past Bomb squad rep who was incredibly helpful as most of my previous Bomb Squad... To get that screen in a couple days, I had to get a German friend ordering it and sending it to me... Anyway, a waste of time... And the rest of the story regarding that screen is not solved yet... I still exchange an email a week with support because of some Red account problem...
    Last Monday, I tried to order an H20 OLPF VV...
    French distributor doesn't have it in stock and the person I talked to on the phone wasn't really helpful.
    I ended up ordering through Red website.
    I got a reply on Friday, four days after, asking how I want to pay the OLPF and which courrier I wanted to use, etc... All infos already filled online... 4 days after... I replied that I can pay for Fedex or pick it up at the LA Red store if it's faster (and of course cheaper) as I will be there this week... I also asked a question regarding taxes and international VAT number... Since then, no reply...
    And it's been like that for most of my requests regarding sales... No reply or replies coming a week after my emails and sometimes totally out of subject...
    This is painful...
    I use to exchange a lot with my Bomb Reps, get infos and tips from them. When items were in stock, I would received them the next day after a quick phone call and a basic online order... This time is now over and it doesn't make my life easier...
    I'm not a famous DP or a rental house but I've been client at Red since the Red One era and I'm really disappointed when after a week, I still don't know how I can purchase an item I need which is supposed to be sent in 1 or 2 business day according the website...
    Sorry for the rant, not sure it will help my case but I really needed to share it here as for me, the link between Red and its customers has always been something unique which make this brand so different than any other camera manufacturer...
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    The Australian Red distributor only has discontinued cameras on display: a Red One, a Magnesium Weapon and a Scarlet W. They have a handful of mish mash Red items in a display case and some dated posters. It is a bit of a joke.
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